Home Mission Giving

We are really pleased to announce that giving to Home Mission from South Wales amounted to £182,893. We are really grateful to all our Association churches who have sent gifts and for the creativity shown by our Home Mission Representatives in highlighting the vital work of Home Mission. Our target for the year was £180,000. We put into the Appeal £4,500 from Association resources so we could ensure that we reached our target, and this was surpassed. Thank you!

We appreciate very much the support of our churches and the donations which you give. The Home Mission Appeal across our Union received a total of £3,945,106.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that there is Home Mission money available in South Wales for Mission Project Grants, from which a number of Association churches have benefited. We would love to hear from you and to support you where you need funds for your plans in 2015 for new projects in mission and social justice. If you are considering calling a minister to work with you in mission, and finance is an obstacle for you, we would love to explore how we may be able to help you so please get in contact.

Donations are starting to come in for the 2015 Home Mission Appeal and we are looking forward to hearing from you - please don’t leave it too long! Please send your donations, payable to 'Baptist Union of GB S Wales'  to South Wales Baptist Association, 54 Richmond Road, Cardiff, CF24 3UR, or contact us for bank details to set up direct payments for 2015.

Thank you.


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