Home Mission Ideas

There are a number of great Home Mission resources available - please see the Home Mission page of the Baptist Union of Great Britain website - http://www.baptist.org.uk. There are some local stories and photos on our other Home Mission pages too.

I occasionally hear stories from some of our churches in South Wales about how they are encouraging their members to give. Here are some ideas -

One of our churches was surprised at the variety of talent in the church when they enjoyed a fundraising evening together where members of the congregation revealed their musical talents.

In addition to other giving, one church had decided earlier this year to send one of their weekly contributions to Home Mission.

A Home Mission Representative keeps a notebook with church members' names asking each member to give £1 every week.

For them to give more this year one of our Home Mission Reps has written to all the new church members providing a Home Mission box and leaflet explaining how Home Mission helps churches and projects around the UK. 

One church is having a Home Mission month and producing a display of posters, photographs and other Home Mission resources. Another has held a prayer lunch and given the proceeds to Home Mission. Another is holding a coffee morning.

It was such an encouragement to receive an increased contribution from one of our churches who had not only agreed together to give more than last year but the donation also contained an extra gift of money received from a special birthday.

What ideas do you have? Email office@swbabugb.org.uk.

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