Some Grants in 2014

At our meeting in April Chris Lewis of Bonymaen, a deprived part of east Swansea, spoke about the work that he and the church are doing to recreate a sense of community through the project ‘Living here - working here’. We’ve been able to fund a day a week of Chris’s time to develop this mission further.

At the same meeting Steve Jones spoke of the part-time work he’s now doing with Sports Chaplaincy UK in developing sports chaplaincy across Wales in a wide range of sports.

above photo from Steve Jones, on the Chaplaincy Team at the Commonwealth Games

When Steve was exploring the potential of this ministry, the Association and the BUW funded Steve being released for a day a week over 6 months to get things off the ground. Now we’re both contributing to the funding he needs to do this work on a half-time basis. Please pray for Steve.

Another place where outstanding work is going on is in Llanfair, Penrhys where we along with another 7 denominations are partnering to enable a living Christian presence to make a real difference to the residents of the village. We’re pleased to be able to support this work financially from January.

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