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Ifor and Penny Williams - Church Planting in Breconshire

Since leading Broad Haven Baptist Church for 21 years, Ifor and Penny Williams have been called to Breconshire to plant simple, multiplying churches that are easily reproduced. Their model is that outlined in Luke 10 and Matthew 10. They are supported by The Baptist Union of Wales, The South Wales Baptist Association and Home Mission. Ifor is also relief milking part-time.

Ifor and Penny Williams on Preseli Top






Ifor has been meeting many farmers who suffered heavy losses over the freezing lambing period earlier this year. One day Ifor came home with six orphan lambs from a farmer who was struggling to cope with the difficulties. Then two days later another six, then another two!

Breconshire lambs

The lambs are now enjoying their new home - a lovely woodland paddock carpeted with bluebells and grass. The farmer who gave them the lambs is reading Angus Buchan's journal daily and is noticing big changes in himself. He is telling others how prayer really works and giving his own examples.

Breconshire - Think TankWhen the senior school bus drops children off by their house, the lambs run to greet them and some of them have been helping bottle feed them. Through this, two of them have joined the monthly youth group. The group have now finished the Journeys DVD testimony series and have just started something called Think Tank. This involves discussion around true but surprising stories, a parallel Bible story from the Street Bible and of course games and food.

Ifor and Penny have been running an Alpha course in a cafe in Glasbury and for the Holy Spirit Away Day enjoyed a cooked breakfast at their home. They write, "People experienced his presence strongly. One woman was so affected that when she went home afterwards she just had to sit and take time to reflect on what she had experienced as it was far more than she had anticipated. God does like to surprise people! Everyone was greatly blessed by Him. The group didn't want to stop meeting after the series finished, and they have been meeting up in the pub to look into difficult passages in the Bible and other questions they have. They call these weekly pub nights 'Pester the Pastor'!"

Jerusalem, Pentrebach - Trekking, Hiking and Walking Project

A Mission project grant of £2,400 was made to the church to help them set up this innovative project, which will give opportunities to engage with the wider community.

Trekking in Pentrebach - wintry scene

Matt Tricker writes 'A big thank you for the grant that we have received. Things are progressing well as targets are being met. It's also interesting to note that since applying for the grant Merthyr Tydfil Borough Council are making even more plans to engage people with the outdoors, More cycle tracks and walk ways have been built, a mountain bike route is under development, the international climbing centre and local canoe club are also going well. I have been intentionally getting to know people who are participating in extreme sports and trekking to share one's faith. The focus on outdoor activities in our location seems to be growing and provides great opportunities to meet people. We are grateful that you have helped us as a small church to make contact with those interested in hiking and trekking and even more broadly into other areas of outdoor pursuits.'


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