BMS Action Teams

The Italy Action Team 2013-14! Clem Jones, Clare Palmer
from Essex and Rachel Clark from Bristol













The Action Team were based in Matera, South East Italy - most famous for its cave houses formed naturally out of rock known as the "Sassi".





The Action Team went out to help long term BMS Mission Workers Huw and Alex Anderson with their pastoring of the Baptist Churches of Matera and Miglionico. Here they are (directly below, and directly right of Clem) singing at an inter-church choir concert that the Action Team joined in with!

The team spent a lot of time with the young people of Matera Baptist Church who meet every Friday. After Bible Study, the Action Team began to do some music with them to encourage them to use their gifts in church.

...and they did! Here they are performing O Happy Day, Angels from the Realms of Glory (in Italian) during the church service on Christmas Day.



The team also spent time with more elderly members of the church congregation, be it for prayer, Bible study, or just to make pasta with those who were lonely.



Despite this being a gap year, there was some schooling involved! The team had to learn Italian in order to communicate, so they attended an Italian for Beginners course at school twice a week and had a lesson with Alex once a week.

When the team's language was up to scratch they gave a course of English lessons once a week in the church. This was to help Italians improve their spoken English, be it for work or school, and was also a way of forming links with the church.

Link to BMS World Mission webpage for prayer.

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